Services: Consulting, Coaching, Project Management, Training, Facilitating & Executive Services

"George is so much more than an exceptional business leader.

He harnesses the power of his empathic understanding of the human element behind people and processes, and is always able to find a way to re-evaluate, reset and then re-engage everyone for success...

Always patient, seeking active solutions, integrating his incredible sense of humor, George is a multi-dimensional leader who is an asset and compliment to any team lucky enough to have him on their side."

It begins with a conversation...

"I believe that trust is at the heart of what I do. Identifying the best approach requires collaboration, transparency, commitment and communication on my part and yours. I am ready to engage." - George

X-Roads Advisory offers consulting, executive coaching, training & services to business, nonprofit, academia and government across these areas of expertise.

  • Leadership & Management
  • Operations Strategy
  • Nonprofit Board Development
  • Organizational Development & Dynamics
  • VIP Engagement


Consulting offers bespoke solutions aligned with your organization's culture, growth state & resources.

Having an expert hand to advise, manage a project,  partner with you to deliver, and/or train your team can be invaluable without having to hire someone full time.

George provides a thoughtful, strategic, bespoke & hands-on approach with you to 

  1. identify what's happening
  2. prioritize what to to address
  3. explore and discuss possible ideas, and 
  4. advise on solution(s) (offer insights, and potentially develop and/or implement). 

Services range from an operations assessment to standard operating procedures (SOP) to change management, project & planning session to developing a succession plan to project management plus more. See additional examples under Expertise.


Being a leader can be an amazing opportunity, and feel isolating. 

Changing careers can be exciting, and feel a tad terrifying.

You face challenges, choices and changes in your organization and career. How you proceed matters.

Gaining clarity about what you want & what you need are the goals of coaching.

George provides coaching as an accountability partner and confidential confidant. His background offers insights and understanding of nuances to your leadership style, impact, and career.

What IS coaching?

Coaching is a partnership between the Coach and the Client in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires the Client to maximize personal and professional potential. It is designed to facilitate the creation/development of professional or business goals, and develop and carry out a strategy/plan for achieving those goals.

As the Client, you set the agenda, and own the actions. The Coach inquires with thoughtful questions, actively listens, notes topics discussed, and asks you for takeaways from each session. Related articles, podcasts, etc. might be shared by the Coach.

Coaching is 

  • flexible in terms of sessions (1:1, observations, teams, etc), 
  • organic in terms of being responsive to what comes up for you & with you, 
  • structured in terms of accountability & expectations,
  • aligned with the organizational result the you are after,
  • available for leaders & executives navigating change within their organizations & careers.

What can I expect?

The process guided by the Coach engages you to

  1. Identify the issue/ goal/ result that you want to achieve, e.g., organizational, leadership, career exploration, etc.
  2. Explore the interpersonal behaviors that you aim to exhibit, i.e., explore own style in addressing/ facing the issue/goal/ result.
  3. Identify what you aim to learn/ do/ change.
  4. Identify what’s getting in the way.
  5. Clarify expectations for yourself and of yourself.
  6. Outline next steps to those ends.
  7. Identify people around you from whom you need support/ engagement/ interaction (team, supervisor, colleagues, board, etc.).
  8. Clarify expectations about what’s needed from/of those people.
  9. Outline next steps to communicate those expectations with others, and clarify what they need from/ expect of you.
  10. Revisit and revise as you determine.

Note that this is not necessarily a linear path. Space for grace with yourself is important.

Samples of coaching packages are here.

Training & Facilitating

Training and workshop offerings are flexible, bespoke, interactive and focused on your organization’s needs today and tomorrow. 

From planning and facilitating a retreat/ offsite, group/ team, meeting for teams across sectors to leadership and management trairning to nonprofit board development and best practices, George develops and delivers content in-person and virtually to teams so that they apply real-world experience and opportunity to core concepts that resonate with the organization and its values.

It's practical, pragmatic and focused on immediate application.

Offerings range across Managing Up, Team Work, Managing 101, Leadership 101, Prioritizing, Delegating, Better Board Meetings, Board Recruitment & Retention, Board Development, etc.

Executive Services: Interim & Fractional

Executive Services complement and support your leadership team at a fraction of the cost of a seasoned executive.

Fractional is working part-time with your organization and bringing experience and expertise to fill in for a temporary executive absence, test-drive a new function or drive a project on a defined term and part-time basis. 

While it's a fraction of the time, it's also a fraction of the cost. Think of it as gaining 30 years of experience and expertise for the cost of a junior team member

Interim services available as well for short-term projects, covering an absence, etc. 

Doing so can offer a fresh perspective on what your team might be able to start doing & stop doing, continue the work, and provide continuity in services across Operations, Programs, Internal Communications, Organizational Development, etc. as COO/ Head of Operations, Chief of Staff, Executive Director, Deputy Director, Head of Programs, Head of Internal Communications, etc.

"... his superpower is bringing people together to make the business better. 

George is incredibly thoughtful on how he tackles business or organizational challenges, big or small. 

He can pinpoint areas of strength, as well as important areas of opportunity for any business."

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