Over the years, George worked with a variety of people in business, nonprofit, academia, government & community - across evolving relationships. 

Together, they built great things - and laughed, enjoyed & left things a bit better for it.

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Colleague, Internal Client, Board Member

"His skills in capacity building have made him very successful in both the private sector and not-for-profit organizations.

I've witnessed and benefited from George's ability to identify the needs of an organization, then skillfully create a roadmap to develop and strengthen teams to achieve the established goals."

Colleague, Internal Client

"We could absolutely NOT have done any of it without his calm demeanor and get it done positive attitude. 

He embodies the term 'grace under pressure,' organization and KINDNESS. A rare combination for any executive. 

I am so grateful for the time that I had with George and for what our teams were able to accomplish TOGETHER."

Direct Report

"George's strength lies not only in his deep understanding of complex challenges but also in his collaborative and empathetic approach to finding solutions. 

He has an innate talent for listening, which allows him to grasp intricate problems swiftly. 

What truly sets him apart is his commitment to ensuring the successful implementation of solutions."

Board Member

Howie Stein

"George was very helpful when the board was going through changes.  The organization had grown, and the Board needed to move...

George was able to anticipate the difficulties that the Board members would encounter in this change, and to assist in developing strategies to make a successful transition.  

The Board also needed to expand its membership, and George aided in growing the Board in both numbers and diversity."

Direct Report

"I also learned a TREMENDOUS amount from George on how to manage people in a way that encourages them to reach their full potential. He’s great at determining and utilizing the strengths of those who work on his teams, while also providing them the right opportunities for growth in areas that could use improvement. 

George truly cares about the people he works with, and this personal touch really buoys those he works with and cultivated continued collaboration."

Colleague, Internal Client

"George is so much more than an exceptional business leader.

He harnesses the power of his empathic understanding of the human element behind people and processes, and is always able to find a way to re-evaluate, reset and then re-engage everyone for success...

Always patient, seeking active solutions, integrating his incredible sense of humor, George is a multi-dimensional leader who is an asset and compliment to any team lucky enough to have him on their side."

Boss, Board Member, Colleague

"George’s secret sauce was defined by his ability to quickly build trusting and meaningful relationships, his natural talent for leading groups and projects, a no-nonsense, easeful approach to solving problems and a steadfast commitment to high quality deliverables."

Direct Report

"His operational excellence and strength in people management, especially around significant change, is underpinned by his empathetic management style and ability to listen to complex challenges, understand them quickly and work collaboratively to find solutions. 

At that point, when some leaders may step back, George rolls up his sleeves to ensure successful implementation."

Direct Report, Colleague, Internal Client

"... his superpower is bringing people together to make the business better. 

George is incredibly thoughtful on how he tackles business or organizational challenges, big or small. 

He can pinpoint areas of strength, as well as important areas of opportunity for any business"

Direct Report, Colleague, Internal Client

"No two days are alike (or predictable) in the entertainment industry and it takes a certain type of patience, and emotional intelligence that George has not only mastered, but learned to balance while taking others under his wings to write their own paths and navigate their own challenges."

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